BLISS (2021)
Solo Show
Photography by Beeldsmits

Bliss presents a natural world that is replicated, reproduced and fetishized until a mere mockery is left. The exhibition is a reflection on human-made materials behaving surprisingly, badly, and unexpectedly in order to produce an illusion of authenticity. Bliss is the domestication of the sublime, the myth of the natural and the relentless pursuit of the idea of wilderness.

Bliss is supported by WindSims, a soundscape made by Ymer Marinus. WindSims was created with a tool  that analyses a sound recording and transforms it into data that is used to control the internal parameters of the synthesizer. For this piece, recordings of the wind blowing were used to create these data-movements. As humans have an instinctual knowledge for natural patterns, WindSims reminds us of the feeling of blowing winds, even though it is completely synthetic.