Gill Baldwin
In her work, Gill Baldwin studies our relationship with the artificial. Zooming in on technology, machinery, intelligence, and the particularities of on- and offline worlds, Baldwin carefully maps potential repercussions  and consequences of the ever-transforming kinship between humans and (technologic) artificiality; human made objects and phenomena on the verge of becoming autonomous.

Her work was selected to be a part of the 2018 Robot Love exhibition in Eindhoven and at Upominki in Rotterdam. Her research has been recognized by the Piet Zwart Institute Alumni Award and in 2019 she recieved the Nova Scotia Talent Trust Young Artist of Excellence Award. In 2021 she was a V2_Lab for Unstable Media Summer Sessions artist in residence. She is a current member of the Kunstambassade.


2021 - BLISS, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands (solo)
2021 - Summer Sessions, V2 Test_Labs, group exhibition 
2021 - Public Works Rotterdam
2021 - Earthrise, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (collaboration with Liminal Vision)
2020 - There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
2020 - With Open Arms, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
2020 - Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2019 - Dutch Design Week, Area 51, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2019 - Towards Interiority - Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2019 - Seed to Seed, Upominki, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
2019 - MIASMA, Neverland Cinema, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018 - Robotlove Cyborg Catwalk, Eindhoven, Netherlands 
2018 - Ulterior, Dutch Design week, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2017 - L’Afrique Discoteque, MONO, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2017 - Unnoticed, Jacks Gallery, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017 - ReSource, PULP, Toronto, Canada. In collaboration with Salvador Miranda.
2015 - Sentient Chamber, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., USA. In collaboration with Phillip Beesley Architects Inc.

Press /Publications/ Writing
2021 - Podcast - Agency and the Machine Wrap up Part 1 and 2 
2021 - Nova Scotia Talent Trust Blog 
2020 - HeyDDW, featured interview 
2019 - Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine - 30 Graduation Featured Projects
2018 - Upominki - Hosted an architectural model making workshop for children in collaboration with Weronika Zielinska-Klein
2018 - Dezeen - Project featured within launch of Piet Zwart Institutes MIARD online archive 
2017 - Artful City - Conducted an interview with Synonym Art Consultation

Awards/ Grants
2021 -  Stichting Droom and Daad, Makersloket 
2020 - CBK Temporary Work Contribution, Production, Presentation and Research
2020 - Stimulerings Fonds, Research Starting Grant
2019 - 2011 Canada Games Young Artist of Excellence Award
2019 - MIARD Alumni Research Award
2019 - M.C. de Visser Fonds Recipient
2019 - NS Talent Trust Foundation Recipient 
2019 - Bekker La Bastide Fonds Recipient
2019 - Gemeente Rotterdam Arts and Culture in the Neighbourhood Recipient 
2018 - Winner Call for Cyborgs 

Work/ Residencies
2021 - V2_Lab for Unstable Media Summer Sessions Artist in Residence
2021 - External Examination Expert for WDKA Graduation Examination Committee
2021 -  Workshop I (S)can and So (S)can You - Roodkapje, NL
2021 - HCA Artist in Residence at Roodkapje
2020 - External Examination Expert for WDKA Graduation Examination Committee
2020 - HCA Artist in Residence at Roodkapje
2019 - Curator/ Artist in Residence at Upominki 
2019 - Teaching Assistant at WDKA Spatial Design 
2018 - Exhibition design for UNSEEN Amsterdam. Collaboration with Upominki Gallery
2018 - Visual Identity for Ulterior, Dutch Design Week. Collaboration with Studio High-Rise and Amelie Unger
2018 - Assistant to NOMAN Studio, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2015 - 2017 - Junior interior designer at KPMB Architects, Toronto, Canada
2015 - Intern at Phillip Beesley Architects Inc.

2019 - Piet Zwart Institute, Masters of Interior Architecture Research and Design
2016 - OCAD University, Bachelor of Environmental Design

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